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May 13, 2014

Mindfulness adds meaning

Mindfulness is officially mainstream with more magazines and scientific articles that claim that mindfulness add more meaning to our lives. Scientific articles agree and more people are practicing meditation than ever before. Ask anybody that has a regular meditation practice and they will tell you how much their minds, and lives have changed since they started. It only takes a few minutes a day and it's easy to do!.

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness can be cultivated by paying attention in specific way, that is in the present moment, and as non-reactively, non-judgmentally and open-heartedly as possible. Benefits Physically: Reduces Blood Pressure Pain Relief Improves Digestion Lowers Cholesterol Better Immune Function Longer Life - DNA Protection Delays aging of the brain Healthier Heart Mentally: Reduces distraction and Improves Calmness Happiness and Wellbeing Protection against Depression Increase Patience and Kindness Agility and Perception Change Improved Working Memory Heightened Focus and Concentration Decrease in Stress and Anxiety How to do it There are different ways to practice Mindfulness. You don't just have to sit. You can make your coffee attentively. You can listen to your friend without thinking of what to say next. You can plant a tree. Or, you can sit. Here's how: There are many meditation apps you can use, my personal favorite is Insight Timer. There are many different guided meditations you can practice, or just use the timer. You have the option to add a friend and you get stars when reaching a goal, ie if you meditate for 10 days etc. Meditation Styles Breath The breath is easy to relate to. Everybody has a breath. Body Scan Awareness is lead from one point of the body to the other. Experience deep relaxation. Vipassana Label your experience of sound, body sensation, thoughts and use the breath as the anchor. Love and Kindness Express well wishes to yourself, loved ones, strangers and people you have difficulty with.

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Be more present

  • put down your phone
  • take a walk
  • take a deep breath

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