Mindfulness adds meaning
March 13, 2017

Hip opening sky yoga sequence

In our yoga practice, we are often asked to place our attention on a single point.  Most often, people use the breath.  I love to mix it up and choose different ‘spots’ on my body.  In this specific sequence, focus is placed on the hip crease.

Explore bringing the bony bit of your hip bone away from your thigh.  And bringing the bony bit of your hip closer to your thigh.  Notice if this changes your practice.  By shifting our focus, we can shift our reality.  Experience the same postures in a different light.

This sequence is recommended to people with a regular aerial sky yoga practice.  If you are new to sky yoga, do what you can and adjust where needed.  Keep your blocks handy and go at your own pace.

The aerial yoga hammock adds a whole other dimension to this hip opening sequence.  Be prepared to go deep.  Remember to breathe and take it easy.  Enjoy!



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